No recipe today. Let’s look at trends.

I’m not cooking today, so no recipe.

I have found it a little difficult to find information online about fructose malabsorption and/or FODMAPS.  I did a little analysis using Google Trends and you can see why!  The term “IBS” is a pretty steady topic that people are looking for online.  This graph shows the trend for searches for “IBS” in yellow and the trends for “fructose malabsorption” (red) and FODMAP (nonexistent).

iBS trendSee that little bitty red line at the bottom right of the graph? That is the number of searches for fructose malabsorption relative to those for IBS.  The concept is still fairly new and we are just learning about it.  We’re on the cutting edge here, folks!

I have no idea why there is a spike in searches for IBS in late 2007.  It could be that some big news about IBS came out then or it could be that people were looking for information about the unfortunately named IBS OpenSystems company.  If I were them, I would change my name.


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