A Low FODMAP Holiday – Feta Walnut Spread

Good cocktail party food, this recipe is a slightly modified one from Mollie Katzen.  For a party, I spread the cheese mixture on vegetables and serve them on a platter. But you could just put out the spread and some vegs or crackers for people to spread themselves.  If garlic is not a problem for you, smash up one very small clove and add it to the food processor with the cheese. Feta is pretty salty so you shouldn’t need to add salt.

1 cup untoasted walnuts
1 handful fresh parsley leaves
8 oz crumbled feta
up to 1/2 cup lactose-free  milk
1 teaspoon mild paprika
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
fresh ground black pepper
assorted vegetables such as endive leaves, cut up red bell pepper, celery sticks, hollowed out cucumber halves

Combine the walnuts and parsley in the food processor and process until thoroughly ground up.  Add the feta, paprika and cayenne and pulse until combined.  With the processor running, add the milk, 1 tablespoon at a time, until a smooth, spreadable paste is formed.  Add freshly ground  black pepper to taste. I like a lot, maybe 1/2 tablespoon.  Spread the mixture on individual serving sized pieces of vegetable and arrange prettily on a platter.


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