Slow Cooker Pork and Cabbage Soup

I was very surprised to find that common, green cabbage is listed as safe in the Low Fodmap Diet app. Apparently, not all brassicas are bad.  Large servings of 1 cup or more contain enough sorbitol to affect people who are intolerant of polyols.  This entire recipe only has 1 1/2 cups of cabbage in it and makes a bunch of servings.  I adapted this recipe from one I found at Serious Eats.

MAKE THIS THE DAY BEFORE SERVING.  Letting it sit in the fridge for a day really improves the flavor.  Don’t skip the caraway seeds; they are essential.

4 slices thick smoked bacon, chopped, fried until crispy and drained of fat
2 to 2 1/2 lbs of pork stew meat, cut into 1 inch cubes
1 1/2 cups diced cabbage (not Savoy cabbage, just common green cabbage)
2 plum tomatoes, diced
1 red bell pepper, diced
1 bunch scallion greens, chopped
1 1/2 teaspoons toasted, ground caraway seeds
3 tablespoons sweet Hungarian paprika
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1 1/2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

4 cups chicken broth, preferably homemade
salt, pepper, and sugar to taste

Optional, for serving:

1/2 cup sour cream mixed with a few tablespoons chopped scallion greens

Combine first 10 ingredients in slow cooker. Add just enough chicken broth to barely cover the solid ingredients. Cover and cook on low for 8 hours. Cool and refrigerate for a day. When ready to serve, remove congealed fat from the soup, reheat and taste for seasoning.  You may need to add a little sugar to make the right balance of sweet and sour.  This should not be overwhelming, just a gentle sweet and sour. I think I used less than tablespoon of sugar.  I also added a bit more paprika at the end to really bring that flavor forward.  Serve with the sour cream mixture as a garnish.


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