Lemony Skillet Chicken, Rice, and Spinach

This is a quick and tasty meal for a busy weeknight. You need a large, straight-sided skillet with a lid. The turmeric gives the dish a gorgeous color.

2 tablespoons olive oil
4 chicken thighs
2 leeks, chopped, green parts only
1 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon cumin
pinch cayenne pepper
freshly grated zest from one lemon
2 cups water or homemade chicken broth
1 cup long grain white rice
4 cups torn spinach leaves
freshly squeezed juice from one lemon

Heat the olive oil in the skillet on high heat. While the oil is heating, generously salt and pepper the chicken. Put the thighs in the hot oil, skin side down. Let sit undisturbed until the skin is nicely browned, maybe 5 – 7 minutes. Turn the thighs over and let the other sides brown, 5 minutes. Remove the chicken to a plate. Put the leeks in the hot pan and stir fry them for 1 minute. Add the spices and zest and give another stir or two around the pan. Add the water or stock, the rice, and the spinach. Stir. Let the mixture come to a simmer. When it does, place the chicken on top of the mixture, skin side up. Cover the pan, turn the heat down to low and simmer 15 – 20 minutes until the rice and chicken are cooked through. Just before serving, stir in the lemon juice. Adjust seasoning if needed.


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