Just another IBS sufferer trying to figure it out.


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  1. Many thanks for these recipes! My college-age son was recently diagnosed with IBS and I have been wondering what I can cook for him when he comes home for the holidays.

  2. Your recipes look fantastic! I love to cook and fodmap has been a challenge but after seeing your blog I am fired up. I’m like you – I think I may make myself your cranberry upside down cake. I made one pre ibs and I loved it.
    Is there a way to sign up to receive your blog via email.
    Thanks again for taking the time to create his

    • Hi Mary, I’m so glad you like my recipes. If you use and RSS reader, you should be able to subscribe to new posts using the link at the bottom of the blog page. I’m not exactly sure how that works, though!

  3. I have been diagnosed with fructose malabsorption. I am overwhelmed with trying to find something to eat. I live in the USA are these recipes recommended for me and do my product ingredients match yours? I have been told to stay away from onions and garlic. How do you use them in your recipes to make them safe? Any attention is appreciated very overwhelmed and feel terrible right now.

    • Hi Lesia. A Low FODMAP diet is also a low fructose diet, so my recipes should be helpful to you. I stay away from onions and garlic. I don’t eat any wheat, canned tomato products, or beans. The green parts of green onions are low FODMAP and considered safe. The flavor compounds in onions and garlic are not the same as the FODMAP compounds. One way to get the onion and garlic flavor into your food is to extract the flavor compounds in cooking oil The FODMAP compounds are not so soluble in the oil, so you get flavor without the fructose. I’m sorry you’re overwhelmed; I know how it feels to think that there is nothing you can eat! Maybe it would help if you tried an elimination diet (very restrictive) for a couple of weeks and then start adding foods back into your diet one at a time to see what causes a reaction. I found help on Patsy Catsos’ blog and bought her book. http://www.ibsfree.net/

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